Wireless smoke detector with heat detector

Wireless smoke detector with heat detector Wireless smoke detector with heat detector
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Attention: As of August 2014, our smoke detector housings are designed so that you no longer need any conductors to press the test button. With every conventional broom handle you can now carry out the regular functional check. This is convenient, safer and saves time. For a better overview of the regular controls, all AMG fire alarm systems are accompanied by a control overview for execution.
Smoke detector test with broom handle Rachmelder Test with broom handle enlarged

The smoke detector complies with the DIN standard EN 14604, which has been required by law since 01 August 2008. The smoke detector also has a radio transmitter and a temperature sensor. The radio transmitter also triggers an alarm on the control panel if it is not switched on. In addition, an internal loud alarm siren is generated. The range of the radio transmitter is approx. 150 metres in the open field.

When smoke or heat develops above 60 degrees Celsius, the alarm is triggered. The smoke detector works with a 9 V block battery. Our smoke detectors have an optical and acoustic battery monitoring function and report approx. 4 to 6 weeks before the battery needs to be changed. The 9 V block has a battery life of 5 years.

The systems are delivered ready for operation, you don't have to program anything.

The dimensions are 13 x 4,5 cm ( diameter x H )

Note for the fire alarm control panel: If you wish a different zone assignment than the standard assignment, please inform us before or when ordering. In the standard system, the zones are assigned one after the other, e.g. zones 1 to 5. If you want a different assignment, e.g. two smoke detectors in zone 1 and two smoke detectors in zone 2, a smoke detector is taught-in in zone 3.

If you order smoke detectors again, we would ask you to inform us of the already occupied zones and the smoke detector number so that we can code/adapt the new smoke detectors accordingly. If you are not sure, please send us a photo of your existing smoke detectors.


On the market smoke detectors with a built-in battery are often offered for 10 years operation. Our smoke detectors with integrated heat detector we have deliberately equipped with a replaceable 5 year battery.

The smoke detectors with 10 years operation are a promise of the manufacturer, but no guarantee is given for the service life of batteries. The statutory warranty expires after 2 years. If the smoke detector stops operating after a few years because the battery is empty due to higher power consumption or a defect, the smoke detector can only be disposed of.

A battery change is not possible because the battery is permanently installed. As a result, a new smoke detector must be procured and integrated into the radio network if necessary.
The replacement of a Lithium-Batterie in our smoke detectors after 5 years is simple and inexpensive, since the replacement battery only costs 7 euros.

Scope of delivery:

1 x wireless smoke detector with heat sensor incl. 9 V lithium battery
1 x 70 mm magnet pad

Technische Daten

 -  DIN Norm EN 14604, seit 1 Aug. 2008 gesetzlich vorgeschrieben
 -  eigener Signalgeber
 -  optoelektronischer Sensor    
 -  integrierter zusätzlicher Hitzesensor, löst ab ca. 60 Grad C aus
 -  Prüftaste
 -  optische und akustische Anzeige, wenn Batteriewechsel erforderlich ist
Technische Parameter des Rauchmelders
  • Spannung: 9V DC über Lithium-Batterie
  • Stand-by-Strom: = 20µA
  • Alarm-Strom: = 35mA
  • Sensibilität: 2.06%ft ± 1.3
  • Alarm-Temperatur: 57°C
  • Alarm-Anzeige: LED blinkt rot
  • Alarm-Lautstärke: = 85dB/3m
  • Funk-Frequenz: 433MHz
  • Funk-Reichweite: max. 150m im freien Feld
  • Arbeitstemperatur: -10°C ~ +50°C
  • Luftfeuchtigkeit: = 95% RH
  • Abmessungen: Durchmesser 128*38mm
  • Erfassungsbereich: ca. 80m² bei 6-12m Montagehöhe
  • 60m² bei Montagehöhe <6m

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