Video system cable 30m

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The pre-configured video system cable makes it easy  to connect to your surveillance or video camera. About the system cable is not only used to transmit the video signal, but also the Audio signal and supply voltage for the camera.

The supply voltage is still supplied by the supplied Power supply of the camera  all power supplies are therefore performed from the position of the recorder. With this You also have the option of centrally switching off appropriate cameras. This solution makes installation a lot easier.

On both connectors are color coded connectors for video signal, Audio signal available in Cinch version. Furthermore, for the transmission of the voltage at each end of the cable a corresponding plug or a Socket for power supply available.


When mounting the cable, pay attention to the following side must be connected to the camera, since the corresponding power connectors are different.

Scope of delivery:

1 x video system cable 30 m