SmokeTab Fire Alarm Panel with Wireless Smoke Detector

SmokeTab Fire Alarm Panel with Wireless Smoke Detector SmokeTab Fire Alarm Panel with Wireless Smoke Detector SmokeTab Fire Alarm Panel with Wireless Smoke Detector SmokeTab Fire Alarm Panel with Wireless Smoke Detector

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The new SmokeTab fire alarm system is the first completely digitally operating system (frequency 2.4 Ghz) with an individual floor plan view on the market.

Confirmation photos even with fire alarm

Imagine, you are on the way and receive an alarm from a smoke detector. No technology in this world is 100% safe, it can sometimes come to an unwanted triggering.
In traditional alarm systems 2 false trips per year are even state of the art and should be accepted.

SmokeTab offers a solution with additional confirmation photos. When a fire alarm comes, you will get photos of the scene.
If you see smoke or flames in the photos then this is a clear confirmation of the alarm.

Everywhere control

With the newly developed Internet portal you can access your fire panel from any device, be it smartphone, tablet or computer from anywhere in the world. No software or app is required, there are no settings to make and no plug-ins to install. All you need is Internet access, your e-mail address and your password. For example, you can already recall or change all the sensors and make many other settings.

To show you how easy it works and what the online portal for your fire panel looks like, we have installed a demo center and connected it to the online portal. You can test the demo version by clicking on the image.


Alternatively, you can also test this on your device, please enter the following address as the Internet address (without www):


Each customer receives a free account together with their headquarters in the online portal on a secure server in Germany. Unlike most third-party offerings, there are no costs for using the server account, now or later. You can access it from anywhere in the world. Only you, the customer, have access to this account, and you are free to choose whether or not your center uses the online account.

NEW: Fire alarm panel with your personal floor plan

You can create your own floor plan of the house (even for several floors) in just 3 minutes on the display of the fire alarm panel and position the smoke detectors accordingly. In the event of an alarm, the display of the control panel indicates exactly in which floor / room the alarm was triggered. This offers considerably more security, because you do not have to go into danger to seek out the source of the fire. The video below shows you how easy it is to create your own floor plan.

More information can be found in the product brochure

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1 x SmokeTab fire alarm control panel
1 x Tablet holder
1 x Power supply 5V
5 x Radio smoke detector
5 x Magnetic pad for mounting without drilling
1 x Fire extinguishing spray (750ml)
1 x Smoke detector test spray (200ml)



Wie weit ist die Funkreichweite?

Die Funkreichweite hängt von der baulichen Gegebenheit und evtl. elektromagnetischen Störquellen ab. Als Erfahrungswert unserer Tests, können folgende Reichweiten angesetzt werden:

  • Im Frei Feld bei freier Sicht zwischen Zentrale und Sender beträgt die Reichweite ca. 200m.
  • Im Gebäude beträgt die Reichweite ca. 30m mit 2 Wände bzw. einer Geschossdecke.

Diese Funk-Reichweiten können durch den Einsatz von Funk-Repeatern nach Bedarf verlängert werden, sodass auch große Gebäude abgesichert werden können.

Kann alles durch einen Laien eingerichtet und installiert werden?

Ja das ist ohne Fachkenntnisse möglich. Die gesamte Anlage wird fertig programmiert geliefert. Sie speichern Ihre Kontaktdaten in die Zentrale und befestigen die Rauchmelder mittels Magnetpads an der Decke der Räume.


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