Shock sound siren, extreme pulse tone approx. 110 dB and motion detector control

Shock sound siren, extreme pulse tone approx. 110 dB and motion detector control Shock sound siren, extreme pulse tone approx. 110 dB and motion detector control
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New: Shocksound,  the first alarm component that actively chases burglars out of your room. Very effective and inexpensive.

An alarm system acts as a deterrent and informs when a break-in is taking place. The burglary cannot be prevented by an alarm system.

If a break-in occurs despite all precautions, the most important question is:

How can I prevent the burglar from stealing my property and valuables?

The burglar knows:
It takes some time for the owner or police to arrive if anyone ever responds to the alarm. In this time he's airing from room to room, wading through their property, causing damage through vandalism and stealing your valuables.

shock sound prevents this by actively preventing the burglar from committing the crime.

What is shock sound?

Schocksound is a newly developed acoustic alarm device that actively prevents you from searching your room for valuables.

For this purpose a very loud sound consisting of 2 components is generated for a few seconds when entering the respective room:

1.  A shrill sound above the pain threshold (110 dB) that forces the burglar to protect his hearing.

2.  An impulsive sound component that acts directly on the autonomic nervous system and leads to increased release of the stress hormones adrenaline, noradrenaline and cortisol. This suddenly increased hormone level unconsciously causes anxiety and discomfort and leads to an increased flight reaction.

The burglar has only one goal left: to get out of this room. And that protects your property better than a traditional alarm can.

How does shock sound work?

Please let us know which siren connection your alarm centre has so that we can prepare the appropriate plug or cable for the transmitter. If you are not sure, just send us a photo of the siren connection by e-mail to:

The basis is the proven alarm system with sensors and control panel, with or without message on the telephone, with or without external siren. So any alarm system can be used, from any manufacturer, no matter whether it works with radio or wired.

In addition, 1 x shock sound is installed in every room you actively want to protect.

Simply put the hand-sized device on the wall, supply it with power, done. A transmitter is connected to the central alarm unit, this is usually done at the siren output of the central alarm unit. The transmitter can be connected to any control panel with siren output, the appropriate plugs and connectors are available. If the alarm centre now reports an alarm, the Primär radio transmitter sends a radio signal to all shock-sound devices within a radius of approx. 50 metres. This can be any number of shock sound devices. This Primär radio signal switches shock sound to active.

More happens first not.

When a burglar enters a room protected by a shock sound, the integrated 120 degree PIR motion detector emits the shock sound. The sudden, unexpected, extremely loud sound shocks the burglar so much that he reflexively protects his ear and flees this room.

And now shock sound begins to unfold its effect:

Wäwhile the sound in the first room lasts about 15 seconds, the burglar will air into the next room to try his "luck". When he enters the next room, the next shock sound (if you have also installed a shock sound module in this room) awaits him there as well. The more he enters, the more penetrating and unpleasant the acoustic effect that now acts on the burglar becomes. In the end, all he can do is escape from your surroundings, without any damage and without theft.

Each shock sound module switches off automatically after approx. 15 seconds and waits for someone to enter the room again. Then Schocksound starts again immediately for 15 seconds or until the next movement registration.

After 15 minutes, the radio transmitter at the alarm centre switches off automatically, which also deactivates all shock sound modules. Until you do, no burglar will be able to break into your room.

Without the primary radio signal from the transmitter on  the central alarm unit, all shock sound devices are switched off, an unintentional triggering is not possible.

Despite its convincing effect, safety was a top priority in the development of shock sounds:

1. Sound does not cause permanent damage to health. This is proven by many scientific studies, which were carried out up to 120 dB with regard to the impact of sound.

2. The sound frequency was chosen so that it produces an optimal effect on the burglar, but the high sound frequency is hardly penetrated by walls. This means that Schocksound can even be used in rented flats without disturbing the neighbour significantly.

3.  A false alarm, as it can occur with traditional alarm systems, is not possible. For triggering, Schocksound requires a coded primary radio signal from the transmitter of the central alarm unit and, in addition, the PIR motion detector on the Schocksound module must be triggered at the same time. So these are triggers of 2 different sensors in a period of 15 minutes, something like this only happens when someone is really inside the object. This double protection makes Schocksound ideal for setting up an alarm system with a silent alarm from the control center and an active alarm in the rooms, while at the same time avoiding false alarms that annoy the neighbours. If a sensor on your alarm system accidentally fails, your neighbours won't be annoyed by a useless siren howl. Your alarm system generates a silent alarm on request, if necessary with call / SMS to your mobile phone. That's all that's gonna happen. Only when a burglar actually enters a secured room is he actively chased away by shock sound.

4. Each shock sound device has its own timer that automatically shuts down the device after 15 seconds until the next travel detection.

5. You cannot trigger a shock sound unintentionally or inadvertently, because first an alarm is triggered via your alarm system. In case of an accidental alarm triggering of your alarm system, you do not enter the rooms protected by shock sound, but switch off the main alarm. This means that all shock sound devices are deactivated again (no shock sound module can work without a primary radio signal from the transmitter of the central unit, which is part of the double safety system).

6. With shock sound you can remotely determine if it is a real alarm with burglars in your room. As a rule, all today's alarm centres have a built-in microphone. If you now receive an alarm call from your alarm system, you can listen into your room via microphone. Unfortunately, it is difficult to hear a burglar sneaking from room to room through the microphone. This also makes it difficult to check the alarm message whether it is a real alarm or a false alarm. With a shock sound, it's different. If you receive an alarm call and listen into the object using a microphone, you can distinguish very well between a false alarm and a real alarm. If there's a false alarm, you won't hear anything. In the event of a real alarm, the burglar has triggered the shock sound devices installed in the premises. This can only happen if one of the secured premises has been accessed after an alarm has been triggered. Then the PIR motion detector in the shock sound device sounds the alarm. And you can hear that through the microphone. So if you receive an alarm call from your alarm center and hear the shock sound siren through the microphone, you can be sure it's a real alarm, there's someone in your room. Because in order to trigger the shock sound devices, your alarm center must first be triggered and then someone must enter the secure room. By this 2-stage concept a false alarm, as it can occur with traditional alarm systems, is nearly impossible. Thus shocksound gives you double security, you know exactly whether it is a real or a false alarm and you know that the burglar is actively prevented from carrying out his act.


Schocksound was developed as an effective supplement to traditional alarm systems, with the aim of actively driving a burglar into flight. So he won't go through your clothes and won't steal anything. Without shock sound you will be informed by your alarm system about a burglary by telephone / SMS, or outside at the house a siren howls. Unfortunately, an alarm system without a shock sound does not prevent your premises from being searched and stolen. And until the police or neighbours are on site, valuable time passes, usually the burglar with your valuables is over all the mountains.

Schützen you therefore your belongings actively with shock sound, it is effective, gives you additional security and is cheap.


Shock sound siren:  14.5 x 20 x 10 cm (W x H x D)

Unisender: 7 x 6.5 x 3 cm (W x H x D)

Scope of delivery:

1 x shocksound siren with 230 V / 12 V power supply unit
1 x unisex transmitter

Please let us know which siren connection your alarm centre has so that we can prepare the appropriate plug or cable for the transmitter. If you are not sure, just send us a photo of the siren connection by e-mail to:

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