SIM card incl. 10 Euro starting balance

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You only pay what you consume.

  • 9 Cent per min./SMS in all German networks
  • 10 MB per month in Germany including
  • Highspeed surfing with 21,6 MBit/s
  • Prepaid without contract period
  • 10 Euro starting credit

Triple SIM card (3-fold) Nano, Micro and Standard SIM cards are included in the package.

WARNING! Before using the SIM in an AMG device (emergency call, GPS device, AMGoSnap, alarm systems), the PIN query must be switched off after activation of the SIM, as these devices do not have a PIN entry interface.
The PIN deactivation can be done via a mobile phone in which the SIM is inserted, then usually under "Settings" -> PIN query -> switch off.

To avoid automatic deactivation of the SIM card, costs must be incurred once a month.


  • as alarm message
  • response SMS to a command

Blue SIM card Recharge credit

There are several ways to recharge the SIM card. We will now list them for you and briefly describe how they work.

  1. ATMs, here you can top up your credit (for more information about your career, please ask a member of staff at the bank branch). If the recharge was successful, you will receive an SMS, for this it is important to put the SIM card in a mobile phone, so that the credit will be charged.
  2. Internet, here you have to go to and then follow the steps there until a code is sent by SMS, which again has to be entered online. The SIM card must be placed in a mobile phone so that you can receive the SMS and enter the code in the online portal.
  3. Prepaid recharge, here you have to remove the card and put it into a mobile phone, then follow the instructions step by step.

Scope of delivery:

1 x SIM card with 10 Euro starting credit and 9 Cent Tarf

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