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The new remote control incl. feedback function for the AlarmTab® system, signals with a red LED the confirmation of the transmitted radio signal.


In the video below you can see the remote control with confirmation function in action. If you switch the control panel via FB, you can see from the blue LED that the radio command has been sent. Immediately afterwards, the FB switches over to reception. When the central unit has received the switching command, it sends a confirmation signal which is received by the FB. The confirmation is indicated by a red LED. In this way you can always see that the central unit has received your switching command and is executing.

In addition, it can be freely programmed which area you want to arm or disarm with the respective FB. In the settings of the AlarmTab® control panel under the menu item "Sensors" the remote control is listed, here you can determine which of the respective remote controls should be used for full or partial arming.

average working time with 1 battery: up to 2 years

scope of supply:

1 x remote control incl. battery
1 x CR2032 battery
1 x key chain

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