Radio acknowledgement tone generator (acoustic) without transmitter

Radio acknowledgement tone generator (acoustic) without transmitter Radio acknowledgement tone generator (acoustic) without transmitter
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If more than one acknowledgement tone generator is to be used, the following options are available all acknowledgement tone transmitters can be activated via a transmitter. From this This is because it is also possible to order receipt tone transmitters without a transmitter.

If you leave the house or apartment and from the outside you can see the alarm centre by means of remote control, it can be activated by Acknowledgement tone transmitter acoustically confirm that the central unit has received your radio command and the system has been armed. Likewise, before the the object by means of an acknowledgement tone, that the installation has been has been disarmed. This increases your own security and avoids false alarm triggered by the user. The signal transmitter works with 3 baby batteries and gives a clearly audible signal when the alarm centre has switched. The battery life is approx. 1 year. If the signals are confused (sharp or unsharp) can be activated by a special circuit in the alarm control panel. excluded. The range between the transmitter (at the alarm control panel) and the Signal transmitter (radio receiver) is up to 50 meters. The signal transmitter can weather-protected in the entrance door area (e.g. under the eaves) or can also be placed in the car.

The dimensions of the acknowledgement tone transmitter are 14 x 7.5 x 4 cm (H x W x D)

Scope of delivery:

1 x radio acknowledgement tone generator (acoustic) without transmitter
3 x battery Baby/LR14 C 1.5V