New: AMG window handle with 2 locking options and integrated combination lock

New: AMG window handle with 2 locking options and integrated combination lock New: AMG window handle with 2 locking options and integrated combination lock New: AMG window handle with 2 locking options and integrated combination lock
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New: AMG window handle with 2 locking mechanisms and integrated combination lock.

The preferred route for burglars are windows and patios. The shock and ruckus is great when you come from shopping or vacationing and it has been broken in.

Many people think it can't happen to them until it does.

Because there's a burglary in Germany every 2 minutes.
And less than 15% of the break-ins are cleared!

To increase security, lockable windows/grips are recommended by insurance companies and the police.

The handles are locked by means of a key.

However, these handles can only be locked in the position window closed, the important and helpful position window tilted can usually not be saved.

To ensure that you do not have to use a separate key for each window handle, we also offer handles with identical keys.

But how does that work in practice?

  1. The window is locked, where do you hide the keys?
  2. Do you always find the hidden keys?
  3. Do you really go from window to window with the main key or do you just leave the matching key in the handle?
  4. If different keys are used, which key fits which window?
  5. If identical keys are used, what happens if a handle has to be replaced? Now you have to work with several keys again.
  6. Or a key is lost, do you still get a replacement or does the whole handle have to be changed?

Although such lockable grips increase safety noticeably, the daily key is not released until the key has been released.

All these problems were taken into account with the new AMG window handle with combination lock and solvedöst.

Mounting example AMG window handle

A commercial window handle with a hole spacing of 29 mm to 90 mm can be exchanged for an AMG window handle.

In contrast to conventional safety window handles, the AMG window handle does not require a key. One push on the locking button and the handle is locked. One turn of the number ring and the window can only be unlocked after entering the appropriate code. Safety can hardly be simpler. You can assign the code as you wish and change it, if you wish also identical for all windows / doors.

The tedious handling of keys has finally come to an end.

The AMG window handle can save the closed and the tipped window. You can freely choose which of these two positions is to be blocked by code, closed or tilted. (Number code blocks 1 locking).

No one can reach through the tilted window from the outside and enter the house within seconds. Also highly recommended as child safety lock.

The installation is quick and easy without any specialist knowledge, only a screwdriver is required. The operating instructions explain the exchange in a few steps with pictures.

The new AMG window handle is made of solid metal in a white finish, a brown finish is offered a little later. If you are interested in brown handles, please send us an e-mail to, we will gladly include you in the list of interested parties and will then supply you preferentially.

The AMG window handle with 2 locking mechanisms and integrated combination lock was developed by AMG Sicherheitstechnik GmbH and is available exclusively from licensed specialist dealers and in AMG Online Shops.

Dimensions --> only main handle without handle: 32 x 132 x 23 mm (W x H x D)

Scope of delivery:

1 x AMG window handle with 2 locking options and integrated combination lock
1 x stainless steel holder
1 x 7 mm square spindle
2 x large washers
2 x Allen countersunk screws for attaching the handle to the holder
1 x Allen key
1 x operating instructions


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