LED warning sticker for window and door

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The most effective burglar protection is deterrence.

The newly developed LED warning sticker is an effective deterrent product. The red LED flashes clearly visibly on the window or window pane, indicating that the owner has taken precautions against burglary. For the driver, the flashing LED and the electronics board visible in the walker look like an alarm sensor. In most cases, the victim would rather look for an unprotected object.

LED warning sticker Demo

The round case has a diameter of 70 mm and is 18 mm thick. The electronics and the battery are built into the transparent case. The 3.6V AA lithium battery supplies power to the LED warning sticker up to 2 years and can then be replaced. The mounting is done inside on any pane by means of an adhesive pad (round white dot in the front view of the LED warning sticker)

Secure your home or company with the new LED burglar warning sticker, fast, effective and inexpensive.

Scope of supply:

1 x LED warning label

1 x 3,6V AA Lithium battery

1 x adhesive pad for mounting

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