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The siren is triggered by the radio transmitter. A radio transmitter can trigger several sirens, provided that they are within the radio range of the radio transmitter.
If the sirens are far apart, we recommend to mount 2 radio transmitters in the vicinity of the sirens.

Very loud battery wireless internal siren with a volume of approx. 110 dB/A.

The internal siren receives a signal from the most extinguished transmitter and starts an alarm for 30 seconds, which is then automatically switched off.

With the integrated timer you can set a delayed start time for the siren or the siren working time.

The unit can be mounted on the wall or ceiling using a magnetic pad.

The intelligent siren control or alarm loudspeaker control of the AlarmTab® control panel makes it possible, for example, for the external siren to be activated for 5 seconds if an external sensor has been switched off in order to chase the driver away before he tries to break in. It is possible to control the inside and outside sirens separately or together, or to start an alarm loudspeaker with barking dogs and münner voice, e.g. at the moment a window or a door is opened.

This Smart-Home control allows settings and functions that are not possible with conventional simple alarm systems. All functions are preset so that they can be used immediately, or the customer can change the settings according to his wishes.

Alternatively to the radio interior siren can be a Alarm-Loudspeaker with dog barking and loud used.

Scope of supply:

1 x radio siren
1 x 60mm magnetpad
1 x 9V block battery
3 x LR20 battery

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