Indoor camera

Indoor camera Indoor camera Indoor camera Indoor camera
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This indoor camera enables data and hacker-protected surveillance of an entire room by means of
Super wide angle lens. A new protection technology means that you no longer have to worry that unauthorized persons will intrude on your video camera unnoticed and secretly observe you in your own home.
The camera is only activated if the owner consciously starts it via the smartphone command via the DST app.

When the camera is active, the active connection is indicated on the front by means of a blue LED ring.

In this way, the owner can be sure that no one else has access to the camera.
The recording is made on a protected SD card in the camera and can be loaded onto a smartphone or PC if necessary. The integrated infrared night vision lighting enables a clear picture even in the dark.

The video transmission takes place in the local WiFi network, the control of the camera takes place via the protected
DST radio switch.