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gas detector

The gas detector with LED display monitors the ambient air in relation to gases such as propane, butane, natural gas and town gas. In the event of a gas alarm, the internal siren is triggered with a volume of over 70dB and a warning LED. Furthermore, the gas detector transmits a local signal by means of radio transmission to the control center. The head office then takes over all further actions. So you can be sure that you will be informed in case of a gas leak in any case. In addition, the gas detector displays the concentrations (PPM) of the gases on an easy-to-read LCD display.

The power supply is via 12 V DC.

12.5 x 7.3 x 3.8 cm (H x W x D)

Technical specifications:

Standby: <100mA (DC12V)
Power consumption when alarm is triggered: <160mA (DC12V)
Energy consumption: <3W (AC220V)
Volume of the internal siren:> 70dB
Alarm Mode: Sound & Light
Range: about 70m
Control LED: Green -> in operation / red -> alarm / yellow -> error

1 x gas detector
1 x 12 V / 2 A power supply

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