Gas Detector Gs-01 Mains Current

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Attention: This article (433 MHz) is only intended for the alarm centers AS-9, AW-100/2, EUKOS / F, EUKOS GSM +, AMGoVis GSM +, fire alarm systems and the vehicle alarm system FA-04.

Wireless gas detector for propane, butane, earth and city gas. The gas detector has its own signal transmitter and reports a gas alarm to the alarm center by means of a radio signal. When gas is detected, it automatically switches on the alarm control panel and triggers an alarm. So you can be sure that you will be informed in case of a gas leak in any case, regardless of whether the alarm center is armed or disarmed.

The power supply is via 12 V DC, so the gas detector can also be used in caravans, caravans, etc.

For use in trucks, a voltage converter from 24 V to 12 V is available for € 9.00.


1 x Gas Detector GS-01
with plug