Dual sensor motion detector

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Motion detectors are the most widely used sensors, but they are also responsible for most of the false alarms. The reason is that usually only 1 PIR (passive infrared sensor) is installed.

In order to significantly increase the security against false alarms, 2 independently working PIR sensors, special analysis software and pet immune protection are built into this dual sensor. An alarm is only triggered if both PIR sensors detect a moving heat source (person) at the same time. Pets up to 15 kg are ignored.

The sensitivity of the PIR sensors is automatically adapted to the ambient temperature, which ensures constant monitoring stability.

The intelligent software saves battery power by initially switching to idle status after a signaled movement until no further movement is detected for 1 minute.

This ensures that the motion detector does not constantly send signals with every movement and that the battery life is significantly increased.

The dual motion detector works with 2 x AA batteries, it has an inconspicuous size of only 11 x 5.7 x 4.2 cm and is supplied with a ball joint holder and a magnetic pad holder. The battery life is approx. 12-15 months with an average signal frequency.

The dual sensor motion detector will send his wireless signal up to 40m (130 ft)  distance directly on your Andorid smartphone (iphone app is in development) and the DST- connector.


1 x motion detector with Bluetosec transmitter
1 x magnetic pad with drill hole

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