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CaravanTab - Start-Set CaravanTab - Start-Set CaravanTab - Start-Set CaravanTab - Start-Set CaravanTab - Start-Set CaravanTab - Start-Set
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The holiday with caravan or motorhome is at the door. Everything was carefully planned and prepared. Really everything?

You are on holiday, make a trip, your vehicle is broken up and emptied.

Or worse, while you are sleeping, anesthetic gas is directed into the vehicle, and while you wake up in the morning with a headache, you find burglars were in the vehicle. A scary idea. Probably the holiday is over then.
Protect yourself with the new CaravanTab safety system.
Inexpensive, highly effective and easy to use

CaravanTab offers:
Comprehensive security against all dangers around your RV or caravan


  • Securing the windows, doors, external flaps, bicycles, camping furniture, etc.
  • Multiple awards, best test results in many journals and guides
  • In the event of an alarm call, SMS, e-mail, photo and audio transmission and GPS location notification
  • novel protection system helps to prevent burglary, e.g. by playing angry dogs barking, switching on lights, sirens etc.
  • Extensive range of sensors Combi gas detectors against KO gas attacks
  • If the vehicle is in winter quarters, the center can be used for other in-house protection tasks, e.g. as fire protection system, SmartHome control unit etc.

Optionally, you can upgrade CaravanTab with any radio sensors and radio sirens, for example:

  • smoke detector
  • Window sensors especially for caravan windows
  • water detector
  • Bicycle and furniture security
  • temperature sensor
  •  and much more


In case of alarm, you will receive a call, SMS, e-mail, the exact position of your vehicle, photos of the interior of the vehicle. The internal siren or alternatively angry dog ??barking from the central office helps to drive off the offender quickly.

If you are in the vehicle at night, you can arm the outer skin and optional external sensors and move freely in the vehicle.

CaravanTab can be controlled and controlled via app and PC from anywhere in the world, you can arm and disarm, request photos, disable individual sensors as desired, request the current GPS position, etc. Only one (prepaid) is available for operation SIM card with some credit for SMS, phone call and data traffic required.

CaravanTab is the first security system to use the latest digital radio technology; the encrypted radio signals can neither be intercepted nor abused.

More information can be found in the product brochure

More information


1 x CaravanTab alarm center
1 x bracket
   1 x 3m USB cable
   1 x 5m extension
   1 x 5V power supply
   1 x 12V-> 5V converter
   1 x 33mm magnetic pad
2 x remote controls
   1 x CR 2032 battery
   1 x key fob
1 x door / window contact FK-04
   1 x BTS with Reed
   1 x flat magnet 20x10x2 mm
1 x motion detector
   1 x 70 mm magnetic pad
1 x arming LED
   1 x 3m USB cable
   1 x 5V power supply
   1 x 12V-> 5V converter
   2 x adhesive pads
1 x dual USB charger for cigarette lighter
1 x LED warning sticker for window and door


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