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CarPro-Tec® GPS CarPro-Tec® GPS CarPro-Tec® GPS CarPro-Tec® GPS CarPro-Tec® GPS CarPro-Tec® GPS
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CarPro-Tec® GPS - Vehicle Alarm System
? GeoFence (GeoZaun) Alert, Speed alert, Smart Live Tracking (1 position every 3-5 minutes).
? Installation without workshop costs, No Cabling, Easy Installation.
? No specialist knowledge necessary for commissioning.
? In case of alarm you can receive call, SMS and the position of your vehicle (depending on the SIM).
? Secures complete vehicle to open against doors and trunk, smash in windows, tow vehicle or drive away.
? Extremely loud interior siren drives every offender out of the vehicle.
? Integrated battery secures the function of the device up to 14 days.
? Programming / Changing the default settings is easy via SMS commands.

The CarPro-Tec® GPS is the innovation to secure your vehicle, because it combines an alarm system and a full-featured GPS tracker in a housing.
CarPro-Tec® GPS is the first and only GPS alarm system on the market that is simply plugged into the vehicle via the cigarette lighter. The alarm system then secures doors and trunk against opening without further wiring, secures windows against knocking and the vehicle against driving away or towing.

CarPro-Tec® GPS is suitable for cars, campers, caravans and trucks of all ages and manufacturers.
There are no sensors or additional cabling for power supply necessary, just put the CarPro-Tec® GPS in the glove box or under the seat or in the trunk, the vehicle is already fully secured.
For monitoring, CarPro-Tec® GPS is armed by means of a wireless remote control, a flashing LED indicates the monitoring status.
If monitoring is not required while driving, the alarm module of the CarPro-Tec® GPS will be disarmed by remote control. The GSM / GPS module can work as a full GPS tracker with recording of the entire route. You have an app and a browser version for tracking. Unlike many other GPS portals, the tracking software is permanently free.

More information can be found in the product brochure

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Technical details:
- Power consumption during arming: approx. 80mA.
- Charging the battery: 5V via microUSB charging socket.
- Permanent power supply 5V in the car recommended (suitable components included).
- Alarm triggered by infrasonic sensor (installed in CarPro-Tec® GPS = alarm module).


1 x CarPro-Tec® GPS Plus control panel
1 x Cable for Siren IS-01 (cable length approx. 70cm)
1 x 5m connection cable extension for siren (jack)
1 x Arming LED display with 5 m connection cable
1 x 2m USB cable for connection to the charger
1 x USB charging plug for cigarette lighter
2 x Radio Remote Control
1 x Magnetic Pad
1 x User Manual

To use the CarPro-Tec® GPS Plus alarm system, a SIM card is required! A SIM card is NOT included!




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