CO carbon monoxide detector

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The CO carbon monoxide detector can save your life! If carbonaceous material is not completely burned (eg chimney, grill, stove, gas heater), carbon monoxide is produced. If the deadly, odorless gas "carbon monoxide" escapes, the sensor immediately triggers an alarm via radio to the control center. itself announces the alarm acoustically. Complies with EU standard 50291

Death lurks in the chimney - carbon monoxide a dangerous respiratory poison:

Once inhaled, it passes very quickly through the lungs into the bloodstream. Death from suffocation occurs when oxygen transport in the blood is hindered or stopped by the carbon monoxide gas. The first signs of carbon monoxide poisoning come slowly, you have a headache and so on. Dizziness. At higher concentrations, the central nervous system and the heart are affected. By the fireplace, stove or grill you take the color, smell and tasteless poison gas almost not true! Even low loads from 100 ppm can lead to consequential damage to the heart u. Lead nervous system. With high carbon monoxide particles in the air, death occurs after just a few minutes.

Technical specifications:

Sensor electrochemical
loud audible alarm (85dB) / visible alarm (red LED)
Testbutton (Reset)
LED control (red for alarm, green for operation)
1 x battery 9V block
Dimensions: diameter 110 mm, height 45 mm

1 x Bluetosec transmitter incl. Adhesive pad
1 x CO carbon monoxide detector
1 x battery 9V block
1 x 60mm magnetic pad


Anleitung CO Kohlenmonoxid Melder


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