Bluetosec stations with heat sensor (cable sensor or insertion sensor)

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The Bluetosec stations are at the heart of the system, they transmit radio signals to the control center, where they are evaluated. For monitoring of any kind, a Bluetosec transmitter is required, and the entsprecheende sensor, for example, a magnetic sensor, or motion, or water detector etc.

Up to 3 different sensors transmitters can be plugged into a Bluetosec which saves money and installation time.

Click here to open the PDF with more information about the new Bluetosec stations:



3.5 x 6 x 2.4 cm (WxHxD)

heat detector

With our heat detector you can monitor temperature ranges that can not be exceeded or fallen below (switching range approximately + - 5 ° C). The 1.5 meter long cable provides an ideal mounting location for the heat sensor. For direct monitoring in the area, the insertion sensor offers a perfect solution.

Once a temperature of z. B. 23 ° C (Heat Detector 30 ° C) indicates the sensor an alarm signal directly to the control center.


You can order the heat detector in the following temperature ranges:
  • 30 ° C
  • 50 ° C
  • 70 ° C
  • 90 ° C
  • 110 ° C


1 x Bluetosec stations incl. adhesive pad
1 x Heat Detector (cable sensor or insertion sensor)

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