Arming LED with buzzer

Arming LED with buzzer Arming LED with buzzer Arming LED with buzzer Arming LED with buzzer
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The transmitter is easy to mount due to the strong 3M adhesive pad on the Rück side and is very discreet due to the plain white. If you arm it, a long tone will sound and the red LED will light continuously, if you disarm it, two short beeps will sound and the blue LED will light continuously. You will also be alerted to warnings about alternating flashing of the red-blue LEDs.


You can see at any time whether the control panel is armed or disarmed or if there is a warning message at the control panel. In addition, you can hear in front of the door whether the central has armed or disarmed. Disarm is indicated by two short beeps and arm is indicated by a long beep. In the evening on the way to bed, a push of a button on the switch indicator is enough to arm the central unit, with a type of arming of your choice.


All these functions are available with every LED indicator, so you can also mount an LED indicator in the hallway, in the living room, in the upper floor or in the garage, all always indicate the state of the control panel. The activation LED with buzzer is not IP-verified and cannot be mounted outdoors.


All arming LEDs with buzzer work as full-fledged repeaters, which transmit the signals of all sensors to the central unit. This is very helpful if a sensor has to be mounted in a position with a weak radio connection, e.g. in the basement, then the LED switch display in the corridor above can pick up the signal from the basement and forward it to the control panel.


Equipment supplied:

1 x activation LED with buzzer
1 x 3m USB right angle plug
1 x 2-way USB socket
1 x adhesive pad for mounting