Alarm Central AS-9

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Radio alarm center with emergency battery and 9 zone display. The handy dimensions allow mobile use. This will always allow you to see in which room (zone) a sensor has triggered an alarm. The very long range of 150-250 meters between the sensor and the alarm control panel and the high number of 90 sensors that can report to this control center make versatile use possible. It can max. 4 radio remote controls are taught in the AS9. The AS9 has 2 built-in signal heads (1x in alarm volume and 1x approx. 100 dB / A). Both signal heads can be switched on and off separately. In addition, there is a connection for an external siren as well as a connection for a transmitter to control other receivers (eg telephone dialer, wireless sirens, video equipment, etc.). The AS9 has an adjustable alarm trigger delay (this allows you to easily switch off the system without false alarm when entering the home / office). There is also an adjustable arming delay (which allows you to turn on the system and leave the house in peace before the system turns on). And a partial arming is possible via the zone 9. So you can in the evening, the "outer skin" of the apartment turn sharp and still move freely in the house.

And the special highlight of this system is the dynamic zone display.

Thus you see constantly and up to date, where at the moment someone is in the house. For example, if a window is triggered in the living room, you will see this on the display of the AS9. If, for example, someone walks past the motion detector in the corridor, the display on the AS9 will change and the motion detector in the hallway will be displayed. If, for example, the person walks up to the upper floor and passes a sensor, this is displayed again on the AS9 display. In this way you are constantly informed about where in the house a person resides (and do not have to search first, where someone may be hiding). This dynamic zone display has only the AS9.

You will look in vain for a comparable function with other systems in the market. This is why many of our customers use the mobile AS9 control center as an additional zone indicator. Parallel to the fixed alarm and telephone dialer, the AS9 receives the signal from the sensors, sounds an alarm (in alarm volume, if desired) and constantly indicates where the burglar is in the house. From the internal data memory can be retrieved even later, which "way" the burglar has taken through the apartment.


1 x alarm panel AS-9
1 x radio remote control
1 x power supply 230V / 12V
1 x emergency battery
1 x German user manual ( download manual )


13 x 8 x 2.5 cm (L x W x D)


only about 200 grams

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