water detector

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This modern water detector has a highly sensitive integrated sensor installed, which is attached to a 2-meter cable. There is no complicated installation necessary. You can attach the Water Detector using the adhesive pads on plinths or tiles directly to so zuerhalten early alert at a high water level.

Assembly example:

 Beispiel Montage des Wassermelders

For installation of the water detector

Once water wets the sensor head, will immediately trigger an alarm via radio and to get the necessary information displayed directly on the Alarmtab headquarters. This can be prevented by the pipe bursts or burst water pipes of washing machines and dishwashers in time major damage.

Its battery operation, the water detector is ideal in areas where no power supply is possible or required for security reasons no power supply, it still contributes to safety.

  • Livingroom (aquariums)
  • bathroom
  • laundry rooms
  • basements
  • pump rooms
  • boiler rooms
  • House connection boxes
  • Storage and drying rooms
  • Inlets and drains and overflows (bathtubs, washing machines, water tanks, or of areas at risk of flooding)
  • Pits, etc. can thus be monitored.

Protect her "possessions" effectively against water damage!


1 x water detector with adhesive pad