Transponder Switching System Ts-01

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For a contactless switching off of an alarm system or for opening an electric door lock by means of an RFID chip.

The TS-01 can manage up to 500 RFID chips. All you have to do is drive the chip over the marked area on the transponder switching system TS-01 and the switching process is carried out. This technology is absolutely forgery-proof and is used eg in the car for the activation of immobilizers.

All other switching operations that are switched by means of relays (eg an electric door opener) can also be carried out with this system. A relay can be switched for NC or NO contacts, the switching capacity is 12 V, max. 1500 mA.

In conjunction with our AMG wireless alarm system, the switching system is extended with an external transmitter (wired) in order to switch the control panel via radio signal to focus and disarm. It is possible to switch only with chip or only with pincode keyboard, or for increased security with chip and keyboard. Weatherproof, outdoor installation possible.

The sampling frequency of the RFID chips is 125 kHz.

External dimensions of the TS-01: 117 x 117 x 21 mm (W x H x D)


1 x TS-01
1 x 220V / 12V Power Supply
3 x Blue RFID chip

You can order additional chips for € 7 each.