Transmitter For Security Lock

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Security lock transmitter for disarming the control panel, without security lock.

It is suitable for customers who either already have a security lock with emergency closing function or who would like to arrange such a lock themselves. This system automatically turns off the alarm panel by turning the door key on by radio command. This has the advantage that you can not forget to turn off the alarm when you come home or to the company. They close the door as usual and the alarm system is switched off automatically. For this it is necessary to replace the lock cylinder. We supply a special security lock cylinder with 3 keys. The lock cylinder can be opened and closed from the outside with an internal key.

A solenoid is attached to the inside key, which activates the magnetic switch of the transmitter during rotation and thereby triggers the radio command to switch off the system.

Dimensions of the transmitter: 6.5 x 3.0 x 1.5 cm (H x W x D)


1 x Transmitter to disarm (no security lock included)
1 x Special power magnet for attachment to the inner key.

Note: A lock cylinder is required with emergency closing function. That means you can close from the outside even if there is a key inside.