Smart-Home switch with 250V / 16A wall socket for controlling lights, sirens etc.

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The Smart-Home switch gives you the ability to control any electrical device remotely or by timer or by triggering sensors or at alarm triggering.

Each Smart-Home switch includes the control function and a fully-fledged repeater, so that even large distances between the control panel and the Smart-Home switch can be bridged. In addition, the repeater in the Smart-Home switches also supports the transmission of the radio signals from the alarm sensors, so that no separate repeater is required for alarm sensors.

Besides the long range, the big advantage of these Smart-Home switches is the control that can be set as desired. You can combine any alarm sensor and any time and any action of the control panel as you wish, according to your ideas and wishes. The plain text menu of the control panel guarantees a very simple operation

link any number and type of wireless sensors such as window/light sensors, motion detectors, smoke detectors, gas detectors, heat detectors, light, sound detectors, temperature sensors, proximity sensors, water detectors, etc.

You can activate the Smart-Home switches either directly on the tablet, via online portal or app, in case of pre-alarm, alarm acknowledgement, time control or by selected sensors for an adjustable duration. A 33mm magnet pad is supplied to attach the BTS transmitter.

All Smart-Home switches are ready to plug in or ready to install, neither expert knowledge nor specialists are required for commissioning.


Assembly Example:

Technical Data of the Socket:

  • 16A / 250V IP 44
  • Easy to install
  • High precision processing
  • Elegant and scratch-resistant design

Scope of supply:

1 x Smart-Home switch
1 x BTS transmitter
1 x 250V wall socket / 16A

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Question on item
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