New: Shock sound siren 433MHz, extreme pulse tone approx. 120 dB and motion detector control

New: Shock sound siren 433MHz, extreme pulse tone approx. 120 dB and motion detector control New: Shock sound siren 433MHz, extreme pulse tone approx. 120 dB and motion detector control
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New: Shock sound, the first alarm component, actively driving burglars out of your homes. Very effective and inexpensive.

An alarm system acts as a deterrent and informs when an in a burglary. The burglary can be prevented by an alarm system not.
If there is a break-in despite all the precautions  taken, is the most important question: How can I prevent that the burglar my property and steals valuables?

The Burglar white:
It'll take some time for the owner or the police to get here, if anyone ever responds to the alarm. During this time he's going from room to room, going through your property, causes damage due to vandalism and steals your Valuables.
This is prevented by a shock sound, in which the burglar is actively is prevented from doing so.

What is shock sound?
Schocksound is a newly developed acoustic sound system for Alarm device that actively searches your premises for valuables.
For this purpose, when entering the respective room, the following information is provided a very loud sound for a few seconds. Components consists of:
  1. A shrill, above the pain threshold (120 dB) lying sound, which forces the burglar to close his ear to the I appreciate it.
  2. A pulsed sound component, which is directly the vegetative nervous system and to increase the number of Exhaustion of the stress hormones adrenalin, noradrenalin and Cortisol leads. This suddenly increased Hormone level unconsciously causes anxiety and discomfort and leads to increased escape reaction.
The burglar has only one goal left: to get out of this room. And that protects your property better than it would a traditional Alarm system can.
shock sound has been used as an effective complement to the of traditional alarm systems, with the aim of preventing a burglar to actively strike out into flight. So he won't have to take your clothes off. and you can't steal anything. Without shocksound you will hear from your alarm system if necessary via a Burglary informed by phone / SMS, or outside at the house a siren howls. Searching through your documents and the Theft prevents an alarm system without shock sound  unfortunately not. And until the police or neighbors are on the scene. Time, usually the burglar is with your valuables <font color="#ffff00">-==- proudly presents
Therefore, you should actively protect your belongings with Shock sound, it's effective, gives you additional safety and is inexpensive.


Shocksound-Siren:  14,5 x 20 x 10 cm (W x H x D)

You can find more information in the product brochureüre
More Information

Scope of supply:

1 x shock sound siren with 230 V / 12 V power supply
1 x unisex transmitter

Please let us know which siren socket your alarm center so that we can find the appropriate plug or cable on the transmitter. to prepare for the event. If you are not sure, please send us Simply send us a photo of the siren connection by e-mail:

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