HD dome camera (940nm) suitable for Wi-Fi DVR 634-2 and 638-2 "AMGoCam"

HD dome camera (940nm) suitable for Wi-Fi DVR 634-2 and 638-2 AMGoCam HD dome camera (940nm) suitable for Wi-Fi DVR 634-2 and 638-2 AMGoCam
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The dome camera is equipped with 22 completely invisible infrared LEDs (940 nm) and a repeater function. As a result, you have everything in view even in absolute darkness.

DVR 634 Dom-Kamera

The infra-red light, which is invisible to the human eye, has a range of up to 15 m. Thanks to the repeater function, such long ranges can be easily bridged. The camera is equipped with a 4 mm wide-angle lens. The intelligent control of the camera automatically sets the best possible frame rate and image size depending on the radio quality. If the radio connection between the camera and the recorder is very good, it is transmitted and recorded at 300 Mbps, a picture size of 1 MP and 30 frames per second. If the radio quality drops due to structural conditions, this data is automatically adjusted to ensure a clear video image at all times. This specially developed "carefree control" offers you the simplest operation with the best possible picture. The dome camera can only be used indoors.

AMG HD dome cameras bring a resolution of 960p.
Image comparison 960p to conventional 720p cameras:

auflösung 960p 850nm

720p auflösung Wand-Kamera

vergleich 720p zu 960p Auflösung der Kamera

HD camera with 960p

conventional 720p camera

direct comparison of the resolution 960p - 720p


1 x HD dome camera (940nm) for Wi-Fi DVR 634-2 / 638-2 "AMGoCam"
1 x power supply 12 V / 1 A (cable length 1,20m)

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