GPS tracker AMGoTrack 500 / fixed installation (12 - 24 V)

GPS tracker AMGoTrack 500 / fixed installation (12 - 24 V) GPS tracker AMGoTrack 500 / fixed installation (12 - 24 V) GPS tracker AMGoTrack 500 / fixed installation (12 - 24 V)
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New with app!
With the app "TrackSolid" you can conveniently view all functions of our GPS platform now on your smartphone.
The app can be found for free on the Google Playstore or in the Apple Store

Android App TrackSolid

GPS location system for fleet management with free positioning platform.

The AMGoTrack 500 is a GPS tracker with the latest chip / antenna technology.

The GSM-GPS antennas are integrated in the device and work with highest sensitivity. So GPS loss of reception is a thing of the past. Even with a concealed installation.

If no GSM / GPRS signal is available (GSM radio hole / power failure) then the GPS data will be stored in the device. If the GSM / GPRS signal is available again, the data is automatically transmitted to the GPS positioning platform or can be called up via SMS command. The location is done by mobile phone or our GPS tracking platform.

The GPS tracking platform provides live tracking and tracking. All data is stored in a history. Here you can later display the distance traveled or determine the service life. The kilometers driven are also displayed.
If you locate by mobile phone, send an SMS with the text URL, 666666 #. In a few seconds you will receive an SMS with an internet link. Click this and the location result will be displayed as a map. But it is also possible to send only the coordinates of latitude and longitude. These can then be entered in a navigation system or on the internet at Google Maps.

The system AMGoTrack 500 is easy to install and is only connected with 2 cables for power supply.

Order a suitable SIM card right away.

You only pay what you consume.


  • 9 cents per min./sms in all german nets 
  • 10 MB per month in Germany included 
  • Highspeed-Surfen mit 21,6 MBit/s 
  • Prepaid without contract 
  • 10 Euro starting balance

Triple SIM card (3-fold) Nano, micro and standard SIM card are included in the package.

Recommendation of a SIM card that you can order yourself:

Since an alarm system does not always require a connection via the GSM radio network, the tariff of the SIM card should take this into account.
We searched a long time and would like to recommend an appropriate SIM card for an alarm center.
We suggest you order 1 SIM card early if necessary, so that you can start immediately after receiving the central office.
This SIM card is 6 ct. per call, SMS and 1 MB of data very cheap and unlimited use, the SIM card will not be switched off after about 6-12 months, if not recharged.

GPS monitoring platform


The use of the tracking platform is free for you. There are only costs for the data transfer between GPS tracker and platform. The data volumes are so small that maximum costs of about 1 Euro per month arise here. We recommend a SIM card from (9 cent tariff).

The GPS tracking platform offers the following features:
  • Live tracking / tracking 
  • Display of the driven route 
  • Display of the driven kilometers 
  • Display of stops / stops 
  • Display of alarms 
  • geofence 
  • Storage of data up to 3 months
1 x GPS tracker AMGoTrack 500
1 x power supply cable
1 x manual

Technische Daten

Maße Gehäuse (L x B x H): 78 x 25 x 10 mm
Gewicht: 58 g
Betriebsspannung: 12V - 24V
Stromverbrauch: 50 mA, Stand-by 5 mA
Farbe: schwarz

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