Fire extinguishing spray 750ml

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Fire extinguishing spray

- fast and effective
- no fire extinguishers (fire extinguishers are limited to the area of the fire itself and do not affect the surrounding area (objects, objects, etc.));ße Application provided))
- biodegradable
- handy and space-saving
- reusable after use (opening)

suitable for the following fire classes:
- 3A Fire solid substances, mainly of organic nature, which normally burn with glowing
- 13B Fire liquid or liquid substances
- Fire of (5l) food/fats (vegetable or animal?s and fats) in deep-frying and fat baking equipment and other food processing equipment and equipment
(Article, test videos ect., who claim it would not be suitable for fat burners refer to an older version (look at the date and design of the article), the current one is for that;r suitable)

Universal use
- House
- Car (caravan, camper)
- Motorcycle
- Garden (barbecue)
- Boats
- Camping

Technical data:
- Operating time: 25 seconds
- Range: 3-4 m
- Water, AFFF 1 %, N2
- Temperature range: 0 to 50°C

Scope of supply:

1 x fire spray 750ml