Bluetosec transmitter + combination sensor smoke / heat / motion

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The Bluetosec stations are at the heart of the system, they transmit radio signals to the control center, where they are evaluated. For monitoring of any kind, a Bluetosec transmitter is required, and the entsprecheende sensor, for example, a magnetic sensor, or motion, or water detector etc.

Up to 3 different sensors transmitters can be plugged into a Bluetosec which saves money and installation time.

Click here to open the PDF with more information about the new Bluetosec stations:



3.5 x 6 x 2.4 cm (WxHxD)

Smoke, heat, motion

The smoke detector meets the DIN standard EN 14604, which is required by law since 01 August of 2008. The smoke detector includes a radio transmitter and a temperature sensor. In addition, an internal loud alarm siren sounds.
The smoke detector is suitable for residential or office premises. The installation should be performed centrally in the space on the ceiling.
Furthermore, the smoke detector also provides the ability to monitor movements in space. The range of the radio station is approximately 150 meters in the open field. If there is smoke or heat development over 60 degrees centigrade, the alarm is triggered.
simultaneous smoke, heat and motion monitoring in one device!
The smoke detector uses a 9-V battery and provides a visual and acoustic monitoring function. You receive a message about 4 to 6 weeks before the battery must be changed. The motion sensor has a power saving function, by sending only after tripping when no motion is detected for 15 seconds.
Operating period of 2 years at Ø 20 trips a day!
The dimensions are 13 x 4.5 cm (diameter x H)

Technical specifications:
  • Opening angle: approx 130 °
  • Motion Sensor Coverage: detection width / mounting height max. 6 m


1 x Bluetosec stations
1 x combi sensor smoke / heat / motion
1 x 70mm Magnetpad

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