Bluetosec stations DSP motion (photocell)

Bluetosec stations DSP motion (photocell) Bluetosec stations DSP motion (photocell) Bluetosec stations DSP motion (photocell) Bluetosec stations DSP motion (photocell) Bluetosec stations DSP motion (photocell)

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The Bluetosec stations are at the heart of the system, they transmit radio signals to the control center, where they are evaluated. For monitoring of any kind, a Bluetosec transmitter is required, and the entsprecheende sensor, for example, a magnetic sensor, or motion, or water detector etc.

Up to 3 different sensors transmitters can be plugged into a Bluetosec which saves money and installation time.

Click here to open the PDF with more information about the new Bluetosec stations:



3.5 x 6 x 2.4 cm (WxHxD)

DSP Sensor

The DSP-sensor combines the function of the 2 best sensors for monitoring, the motion and the light barrier. For this purpose he used two independently operating sensors in a single housing.

DSP stands for Dual Protection signal, it is meant that this DSP sensor can trigger only if both sensors register movement at the same time independently.

This increases security against false tripping considerably.

In addition, the design of the DSP sensor is configured such that it monitors as a light barrier a precisely adjustable range that prevents false triggering by small animals and ensures that you can determine exactly which areas to monitor the.

The special design and the waterproof case ensure that you can use outside the DSP everywhere. There is no problem if it snows it rains or the sun shines directly on the sensor.

The combined PIR (passive infrared sensors) to ensure that the wind jiggling leaves or shrubs can not trigger an alarm. Only when sufficient heat radiation (body heat) is recorded by two sensors at the same time movement, a radio signal is sent. This radio signal can be evaluated by our visitors detectors or wireless sirens or alarms.

More information about the DSP sensor, refer to the PDF file:

DSP-Sensor Information PDF


Height: 16.0 cm
Width: 9.0 cm
Depth: 6.0 cm

Working temperature: -20 to +40 ° C


1 x DSP motion-light barrier in selected color with integrated transmitter Bluetosec
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