BTS camera incl. SIM card

BTS camera incl. SIM card BTS camera incl. SIM card BTS camera incl. SIM card

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In comparison to a conventional IP camera, the BTS camera has many advantages and functions:

The BTS camera is a full-fledged, high-performance smartphone with a dual wide-angle camera.

On this smartphone a special software is installed.

In contrast to IP cameras, the BTS camera is only connected to the Alarmtab control panel via a 1-button coupling. Through this coupling, the BTS camera is automatically connected to the Controller App and the online portal of the company's own Alarmtab control centre; the photos of the BTS camera can be called up at any time in the secured customer online account.

After coupling, the BTS camera can either be used in the home WLAN network or at any location using a 3G SIM card, no settings, programming, software installations or other work have to be carried out.

The extremely simple commissioning and usability at any location, even without WLAN network, always in the foreground during development. The customer can now request 5-20 photos at any time via the online portal or the Bluetosec Controller as serial photos with a time interval of 4 seconds each. This continuous shooting function has the advantage that high-resolution individual photos are recorded like a still image short video with 20-80 seconds length and stored in the server.

The wide-angle camera with an opening angle of approx. 150 degrees makes it possible to survey almost the entire room with 1 BTS camera. In addition, each photo is linked to a GPS position record, so the position of the BTS camera can be displayed in Google Maps with an accuracy of up to 5 m at any time.

The background of the position record is the integrated burglar alarm function. Modern smartphones are one of the most popular prey objects of burglars. If the burglar takes the BTS camera with him as a supposedly rewarding prey, the BTS camera automatically starts its surveillance and reconnaissance program. As soon as the display is switched on, the BTS camera sends 5 photos of the thief plus his exact position unnoticed and not turned off. If this data is handed over to the police, the suspect will be apprehended quickly. With an IP camera this would be impossible.

The BTS camera is automatically armed and disarmed by the Alarmtab control panel. To do this, the BTS camera does not even have to be located in the vicinity of the Alarm tab control panel, because the command to arm and disarm is sent to the BTS camera via the owner's protected server account.

If an alarm is triggered by sensors from the Alarmtab control panel, the BTS camera automatically starts the serial image recording and transfers this immediately to the online customer account. The owner can check the photos within 1-1.5 minutes after the alarm has been triggered to see if something digestible is visible and fetch more photos if necessary. Up to 4 BTS cameras can be registered in Alarmtab and send your photos directly to the online account. In the event of theft, the owner will have the BTS camera replaced free of charge if the police are unable to give it to him.

But the BTS camera can do even more:

With the Bluetosec Controller App the owner can control and monitor the Alarm tab Control Panel, the BTS camera works as a full remote control device.
And the owner can control all his Smart-Home switches via the BTS camera, such as raising and lowering shutters, switching lights, controlling virtually all electrical devices connected to the alarm tab control panel via Smart-Home switches.


  • complete modern Android 7 smartphone with 5.5" display and dual cameras
  • BTS surveillance camera with online control
  • to monitor your own space at all times from a distance
  • usable at any location via WLAN and 4G/3G/2G
  • Proof and education function
  • Control of the alarm tab Control panel
  • Central control unit for all Smart Home switches
  • no data storage outside the customer's server account
  • secured server in Germany, no personal data required for use

The BTS camera thus offers the most comprehensive functions of a video photo monitoring system with the simplest commissioning and use at the same time.

The SIM card and BTS camera can also be used in areas with 2G.

Information about the SIM card:

You only pay what you consume.

  • 9 Cent per min./SMS in all German networks
  • 10 MB per month in Germany inclusive
  • Highspeed surfing with 21,6 MBit/s
  • Prepaid without contract period
  • 10 Euro starting credit

Triple SIM card (3x) Nano-, Micro- and Standard SIM cards are included in the package.

To avoid automatic deactivation of the SIM card, costs must be incurred once a month.

For example:

  • as alarm message
  • as response SMS to a command
  • as video monitoring

Scope of supply:

1 x smartphone with BTS camera APP
1 x 3m USB cable
1 x 5V power supply unit
1 x SIM card with 10 Euro starting credit and 9 Cent tariff

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