Aw-100 / As-9 Wireless Arming Contact

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Automatic arming contact for the alarm system AW 100 / AS 9. This is a microswitch which is mounted in the lock slot of the door lock. If you now close the door so that the tongue of the lock protrudes into the shaft, the microswitch is actuated and the alarm center is armed. If you close it again, the microswitch is released again and the alarm control panel is disarmed again.

To transmit the arming / disarming signal, the microswitch is connected to a small transmitter with a short cable. This transmitter then transmits the arming / disarming signal via radio to the AW 100 / AS 9. Thus, no great installation effort is required because no cables must be laid and the transmitter is battery powered. The transmitter itself is taught in the AW 100 / AS 9 like a normal remote control.


1 x Microswitch with connection cable 40cm
1 x Radio transmitter for wall mounting
(Both are already pre-assembled and connected)



Scharf-Unscharfschalter AW100/2 Anleitung