Arming LED display

Arming LED display Arming LED display

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This highly visible red LED with built-in socket is integrated in the AS9, AW100-2 or TW-03 and then in the front door area in the door frame or is attached to the door so that the LED can be seen from outside. If the central switch is armed, the LED lights up and shows you at any time the switching status of the alarm system. When the central alarm unit is switched off, the following goes out the LED display. The LED activation display is ready for operation with Built-in socket, 5 meter cable and plug supplied. The cable is arbitrary extendable. Installation diameter of the LED socket 7 mm.


The acknowledgement tone generator with LED can only be used at alarm centres. can be operated with a corresponding connection with an LED socket. The applies to all systems but not to the AS9. With simultaneous order of an alarm control panel, this connection is immediately installed in the alarm control panel. A subsequent retrofitting of the connection is only possible by sending in the Alarm center possible.