Aris Bridge Signal Transmitter Bss-868/2

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The bridge signal transmitter BSS-868/2 can receive and amplify the signals from radio sensors of your alarm system. This allows you to effortlessly monitor larger plots of land or bridge larger distances, such as between a garage or outbuildings and the location of the alarm center.

The signal amplification of the BSS-868/2 allows distances of up to 500 meters to be bridged. Even in heavily shielded buildings (eg reinforced concrete ceilings, underfloor heating, metal-clad wall cladding, etc.), the BSS-868/2 amplifies the radio signals so that they can reach your alarm control panel without restrictions.

The amplified radio signals are transmitted in coded form on the frequency 868 MHz.

The device operates at a frequency of 868 MHz and is exclusively for the Aris alarm center.


1 x Bridge signal transmitter
1 x Power supply 12V
1 x Operating instructions

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